August 12, 2009

Miniature Manors

Here is a short stop-motion i produced for the company Miniature Manors. Its now up on their website.



June 10, 2009

This is a surreal stop motion animation piece directed by me. This is a animation piece and not for my graphics.

Gemma’s fashion Video.

June 10, 2009

I also helped Gemma Clarke in here crystal ball of doom project. Together we worked along side each other. I helped her edit and put together this video. She took all the pictures and we both did the rest.

Surrealist typoraphy project

May 19, 2009

Here i join up with fellow student Kit Walker and created a short typographic film. To do this we choose to create stop motion by using fish, and recording a conversation between a friend (Spencer Jackson) and his Granny.

Heres a few ideas for the frames.
closed mouth bothclosed mouth both2closed mouth both3

We then decided to add a hand writing font to pick out words from the conversation between the two people.

However i have lost this piece of work because of my external hardrive failing. But an unfinished one is on my facebook.
So me and kit managed to knock up a new one. We took the same idea but produced a different animation. Here is the final outcome.

Crystal Ball of Doom

May 19, 2009

For my crystal ball of doom i choose Gerd Rohling. How is a artist from Germany. I found out that take old and use rubbish and turns them into something beautiful.

Here are some installations he made from old plastic bottles.

So Gerd Rohling would take something used and un-wanted, something ugly and turn it into something beautiful. I took this idea as inspiration and create the opposite.

The woman was seen as a beautiful figure, the standard house hold wife, Greek mythology statues.
I took a woman body and face and turned it ugly with how the world perceives women today and how the media portrays women. They portray women completely in a sexual way. The figure of a woman now, has lost meaning and become mostly used in a sexual way, rather than beauty. So i created this installation out of porn i printed off the internet and wax.


May 19, 2009

I started off this project thinking about a cereal that would be on the shelves of supermarkets of today. A cereal that would sell. My original idea was a cereal aimed at kids called mil-cho-bots, Milk, Chocolate, Robots.

However I decided to change my idea and go for a more outrageous and out there design.
So i came up with Cheerihoes a cereal for pimps!

This is my photoshoped box layout.

Here my advert.


May 19, 2009

We were briefed to re-invent a holiday postcard. I decided to put a twist on this brief as you usually get a postcard showing you the best possible parts/touristy parts of this destination. I decided to take the truth of London and what really happens rather than pulling the wool over the viewers eye. I took events that happen around london that i know of or seen myself. I took these events and put them in touristy scenarios that you would find on a standard London postcard.

Here are my ideas.

Here are my characters before i photoshoped them.

These were my final Designs.

Homeless person by tower bridge.

Whale in the Thames.

Big Issue seller in the London Eye.

Homeless person in one of the Buckingham Palace guard shelters.

Women morning over tragedy thats happened (e.g. death of knife crime/attack on a young person) opposite the Houses of Parliament.

The Camden Lock murders. A prostitute was found in Camden Lock.

Dis Course

May 19, 2009

The environment of London is very influential and inspiring. As well as galleries and exhibitions which offer the public a place to see art in a confined, comfortable space there are the streets and places all around London that express art. Street Art is everywhere. These pieces of art can vary from big wall pieces to tiny stickers found on lampposts, expressing peoples ideas, passions and frustrations. They influence me in a number of ways, from the style of the pieces the artists have chosen to create, to the topics which the artists have chosen to express. Not only is their actually art and exhibitions around London that inspire me but it’s the actually place as well, for example the shops and the architecture of the buildings, shop signs and layouts. The quirky architecture of some of the buildings and places around London are often passed by on a daily basis by people on the tube or in the streets. By coming to live in London, I feel I have been very influenced and inspired by the environment and its surroundings, which I’m very thankful for.
Leech Street Exhibition
The pictures are my own from when i visited Leech Street.


Semiotics is a way of communicating through the use of signs, symbols and logos. Semiotics is fed to you when you don’t really realise it. It’s fed in information to you by showing you certain symbols or signs, for example a No Entry sign which has no words on it telling you what to do but you know what to do by the sign.
Many different varieties of creative fields use Semiotics such as films, literature, visual art, music and advertising. In films Semiotics is used to represent things, for example warning or danger signs are often symbolized by the use of red colour sometimes flashing or in silhouette.

Semiotics is also used in the way we see some other objects like the international sign for a heart. This is not what an actual heart looks like but we have come to associate it with the heart and the symbol for love. Through the use of semiotics in this sign the viewer recognises the familiar shape and colour and relates it to the sign for Love.


Post modernism

Post modernism is the art movement started after the modernism era (mid 1800- 1960’s)
You will see numerous Post Modernist architecture or Post Modernist influenced structures if you stroll around London, especially those that launch themselves toward the sky. For example the University of East London Docklands Campus
and the building known commonly as The Gherkin
which symbolize the postmodern culture that we are apart of today. You can pretty much recognize Post Modernistic structures just from their shape and architecture alone. I feel that in my art work I do not use a post modernism approach as an influence. I choose not to produce clean cut lines and a fresh polished finish as I prefer a much more ragged, sketchy feeling to most of my outcomes. However, I do like to produce quite outrageous shapes and not the usual sights you would expect to see in a normal project.
I feel that the Post modernist architecture which has shocked in the past, has declined, in the sense of everything is now being designed more around the purpose of the building for example, to create a better more environmentally, user friendly building, than a piece of outrageous architecture.

Ray Gun

The Ray Gun Magazine is an American Alternative rock and roll magazine, led by its founding art director David Carson, which was first published in 1992 in California.

The magazine covers different topics but its main focus is music. Ray Gun discovers artists and reveals them and their music to the public before any other magazine. Some of the artists they’ve worked with are Radiohead, Bjork, Beck, Flaming Lips, and Eminem.
Ray Guns designs and layouts are abstract and to some extent not very reliable for example the Carson’s revamp of a Brian Ferry article. Looking through the piece himself he decided it was uninteresting and dull, he ended up taking the whole article and translating it into the Zapf Dingbats font. However abstract it was of him this article became a movement for Ray Gun and re-defined the whole magazine. People felt that Carson was a disappointment to the typographic world saying his work was messy and structure less.

As an artist I find his work interesting. Despite what people say I find his layouts and choices very interesting as like him, I find myself trying to break the boundaries of beliefs, movements and pushing the boundaries.


Alex Trochut

Alex Trochut is an Artist who uses a range of different medias, mainly Illustration and typography. Also by combining the two he creates some really interesting pieces. In doing this, not sticking to just two styles he believes ‘more is more’. He has worked for many different companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, The Guardian, The Rolling Stones, Channel 4 and many more.

I personally like his work. I feel they have a flowing theme to them which carries on through a number of his pieces. He uses a number of different lines from very straight to just curve lines or sometimes he hardly uses lines at all. I really like his black and white pieces and his more illustrative pieces. The pieces have this feel of liquidness to them.

Also you can see he uses the type font as the main focal point in his work. No matter who the client is he takes their ideas and turns them into his style, producing an amazing piece which still fit the clients’ needs and ideals. As an artist, I find this can be very hard at times, to keep to the brief but still express your own ideas.


Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami is a contemporary Japanese artist, born in Tokyo 1963. He is an artist who can work both in fine art and digital and commercial medias. He has been inspired by Anime and Manga. He makes his works of art feel as if they are coming out at you, almost three dimensional.

What I feel makes Takashi Murakami so successful is the fact that although I had never heard of him before, until we studied him, I could easily recognize his work and realised that I had seen his work in the past. Personally, I am not a fan of Manga or Anime but I can still appreciate that Murakami’s work stands out from the rest. I especially like the Kanye West album sleeve because of the use of colors and lines, the use of straight sharp lines against curves and round lines. Murakami’s art can be purchased in a number of different ways because Murakami has worked along side such names as Louis Vuitton. Also toys have been produced which are based upon his prints and paintings. It is this kind of mainstream thinking that has got Murakami a place in art history.

Chris King

Chris King works in fine art and as an illustrator. He studied a BA Hons in Media production at Newcastle University, intending to follow a career in animation but found himself drawn to fine art and illustration.

His style is to use basic colours against a single bright bold colour. He uses it as a way of bringing forth the foreground by adding these bright colours to the background. He uses lines and shadows to help the eye create an image without using a guideline for your eye to follow. I really like the way he uses his background and the way he makes use of different canvases. The canvas could just be a piece of old paper that he has scanned in. Using recycled materials helps him relate to today’s environmentally friendly audience. By having this tatty paper or standard lined paper as a background he creates the contrast of standard everyday sightings with his amazing illustrations. I can see his influences in my work, such as his style and movement, which helps me as an artist to improve and create my own style my style.


David Lynch

David Lynch is an American Film director and writer who was born in 1946. Lynch has received three Academy Award nominations for Best Director, for The Elephant Man (1980), Blue Velvet (1986), and Mulholland Drive (2001).
David Lynch has been very influential to me, in particular his surrealist-horror film Eraserhead which was released in 1977. I think his use of senses and sets are very interesting. The dark quirkiness he has throughout his scenes is amazing and puts you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole performance. It never leaves you with a sense of comfort. I find this one of the best aspects of David Lynch as a director and writer.
His choice of sounds and atmospheric noises help you to feel and experience the sense of being trapped and of everything being surreal. It is like a nightmare.
From studying and looking into more of Lynch’s works it has helped me to produce that certain sense of surrealism that I have tried to capture in the animation project that I have recently created.

Surrealism an art form based upon the belief that everything you see can be seen in a different way, sometimes dream like. It is movement that began in the early 1920s, and is best known in the visual media.
I particularly enjoy Surrealism and it has been a big influence in my art since I studied it at school and college. Just the idea of a dreamy, nightmare style inspired me with the sense of no boundaries and no holding back.
I’ve been able to play off surrealism when I’ve come across it. I look at surrealism as a new door to presenting my work. I feel I can really play about and produce some really good works by intertwining surrealism and my styles.
One of my favorite Surrealist artists has to be Salvador Dali. Despite being one of the most well-known and commercial Surrealist artists to date, I still love his works. I really love the way he plays off contrast between textures. Like here in The Making of the New Man. Take the foot in comparison to the bottom of the arm. The use of smooth and ruff textures creating an uncomfortable contrast. I like this a lot as I can relate to it from a past childhood nightmare involving the change of texture like this.

Local Street Art

I’m a growing fan of street art. On the walls or off the walls, Street artists have so much talent but I feel are not appreciated and celebrated.
Street Art is a wide genre. You get many different styles which are presented in many different ways. Some artists reveal their art as a piece online before it goes on the walls, graphically.
I am influenced by this style and genre of art and enjoy coming across it when you least expect it. Like surrealism there are no boundaries. You can produce anything to fit any style. I personally like the line work and the characters of these artists. Many of the characters are very quirky and interesting. As an artist drawing these can be fun, as you don’t have to hold back. You can really bend the rules and produce unusual pieces. Also seeing these works come to life on the streets walls in everyday society by using spray paints is amazing. The details and sharpness off the shading of these pieces of works are outstanding. A list of some of my favorite artisst locally and underground are The Venter’s, Farm, Mr Gauky, Drew and many more.


Jasper Goodall

Jasper Goodall was the first graphic designer I came across and I find his work mind-blowing. He is an English artist based in London. He has worked with the likes of the band Muse and many more. He has produced a number of different CD covers for albums and a list of different singles for the band.
I find his style to be very unique and original. I really like the way he uses the colours from the background and the foreground to create the picture. In doing so you find there is no solid outline of this character or the main focal point. It’s been created by the use of colors from different parts of the drawing, creating an invisible line. Its not there but you still follow it as if there was a line . Also I like his doodle like drawings that he adds to images. It creates a contrast between this sharp, graphically, clean character against his hand creating, sketchy, loose graphics. His choices of colours can vary. However, it usually stays quite calm and not over the top. By just picking certain parts and making them different colours, he makes them stand out.


Frank Miller

Frank Miller was born in 1957 and is an American writer, artist and film director. He is best known for his dark, film noir-style comic book stories and graphic novels for Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics. He recently directed The Spirit. Miller worked along side Robert Rodriguez on directing the film Sin City and produced 300.
I really like his works. It is the way he plays with the colours of the background and the foreground. Especially in the sin city series, the use of the colours to create the invisible outlines and horizons( that aren’t really there) is very clever as the viewer creates them. Also there is a lack of other colours which is really interesting. He uses certain colours to represent and highlight some parts, for example red and yellows. He won’t put in too much just enough to help emphasize parts. However as an artist myself I have barely touched this kind of style and haven’t tried to enhance my style by using Frank Miller as an influence yet. I should defiantly go back and redefine a piece of my own work in this style.



January 13, 2009

Two worlds collide.

Here are my storyboards. I choose to do a piece on my nightmares i used to have when i was little. The two animation techniques i choose were cut out motion and clay motion.

Here is my finished animatic.

Photography one day project

January 10, 2009

‘Alone with everyone’